November 2017 Release (7.19.22)

Release date: 22nd November 2017 (7.19.22)

Key features at a glance

  • Speed improvements have been made to the JPedal Viewer
  • Large parts of the code base have been refactored to Java 8
  • Support for AES-256 Revision 6 encryption has been added


  • [JPED-202] - Option to remove spaces in search added
    An option has been added to the Viewer’s search menu bar which allows white space to be ignored when searching for text.
  • [JPED-214]- Speed improvements made to the Viewer
    We have been working on improving the speed of PDF rendering in the JPedal Viewer
  • [JPED-199] - Creation of SwingAnnotationPanel simplified
    We have been working on simplifying our code
  • [CORE-2941] - Initial support for AES-256 Revision 6 encryption added
    We have added initial support for AES-256 Revision 6 encryption to our Viewer (This requires BouncyCastle to work)
  • [CORE-2926] - XFA module moved to Java 8
    Our XFA module now requires Java 8 in order to be used
  • [CORE-2929] - Check feasibility of using CryptoStream as input method
    We have been looking into adding CryptoStream as another possible input method


  • [JPED-192] – Apostrophe missing in Viewer
  • [JPED-204] – Search result highlight is offset above the actual test
  • [JPED-205] – Searches split across multiple lines are not found when using ignore spaces option
  • [JPED-207] – Highlighted text (search term or manual) is no longer highlighted when scrolling
  • [CORE-2925] - Shrunken images are being discoloured
  • [CORE-2867] - File is slow to convert/open in the viewer
  • [CORE-2927] - PDF cannot create mask image of 50000 x 50000 pixels

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