September 2017 Release (7.18.3)

Release date: 3rd October 2017 (7.18.3)

Key features at a glance

  • Improvements to annotation selection
  • Improvements to handling of Name and Dest values
  • Large number of customer issues resolved


  • [JPED-166] – Annotation selection improvements
    Annotations are selected when clicking on or near the visible sections
  • [CORE-2898] – Improvements to handling of Name values which are incorrectly defined
    Improved handling of incorrectly defined Name values
  • [CORE-1899] – Dest handling code does not correctly allow for no last value
    Improved handling of incorrectly defined Name values
  • [CORE-2903] – Missing chunks of pages after conversion
    Improved handling of incorrect K command value


  • [JPED-163] – Missing text and incorrectly appearing text in JPedal viewer (Type 3 font)
  • [JPED-167] – Artefacts appear on Viewer scroll bar at increased scaling
  • [JPED-168] – Some black and white images appearing blank when down sampled
  • [JPED-170] – Vertical scrollbar missing from multiline text forms
  • [JPED-172] – Regression in Viewer with font list not showing
  • [JPED-173] – Polyline adds fill colour when it should not
  • [JPED-177] – Signature missing when converting page to image
  • [CORE-2897] – Cyclical xref tables
    Fixed handling of cyclical xref tables
  • [CORE-2900] – Image missing in Viewer and HTML output
    Fixed issue in XObject keys
  • [CORE-2902] – Document showing turquiose in areas that should be white
    Fixed issue in CalGreyColorSpace code

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