April 2018 Release (8.0.27)

Release date: 27th April 2018

Next release: 25th May 2018

Key features at a glance

  • First release of JPedal 8
  • Unneeded code has been removed from the code base
  • Old code has been tidied up and re-written to make clearer
  • Improved search window threading


  • [JPED-314] - Updated to JPedal 8
    The version number for JPedal has been updated to 8. Unused functionality has been removed from the build and there has been an extensive review and tidy of existing code.
  • [JPED-281] - Improved search window threading
  • [JPED-276] - Update SharedActionHandler to use PageNavigator
  • [CORE-2936] - General code improvements
    Continued lock down so only appropriate access levels used and removed unused variables, methods and redundant operations.
  • [CORE-3052] - Rhino JAR dependency removed and JS handling tidied up
    The Rhino JAR is no longer needed as a dependency for our software.
  • [CORE-3079] - Tidy up Access Levels
    Access levels tidied up to remove public access to non-API classes and Ensure correct level of access on objects in low level code


  • [JPED-288] – Rectangle outline not drawn when selecting part of page with Rectangle
  • [JPED-308] – Issue with missing image highlights
  • [JPED-320] – Dragging and dropping path no longer opens PDF file

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