February 2018 Release (7.22.23)

Release date: 23rd February 2018

Next release: 29th March 2018

Key features at a glance

  • Improvements to memory usage for JPEG2000 image formats
  • Security enhancements - files spooled on disk are now encrypted
  • Extensive general code improvements


  • [JPED-50] - Default columns for Portfolio files added
    We have implemented better handling for column sorting and addition of default columns if missing, as well as tidying up existing code.
  • [JPED-53] - Use resize cursors for annotation resize handles
    The pointer now changes to the relevant size cursor when resizing an annotation in the Viewer.
  • [CORE-2936] – General code improvements
    Redundant fields removed, unnecessary files removed, classes have been decoupled so that they are in more relevant modules, etc.
  • [CORE-2942] - Improve support for AES-256 Revision 6 encryption
  • [CORE-2990] – Files spooled on disk are now encrypted (except those opened as a linearized URL)
    Most methods now encrypt files. The only exception is when opening a file from a linearized URL
  • [CORE-3038] - Memory usage improved for JPEG2000 image formats
    Efficiency increased so that we use less memory when dealing with JPEG2000 images


  • [JPED-249] – Incorrect cursor sometimes used in the Viewer
    Fixed an issue where the cursor was not being update over some page objects.
  • [JPED-241] –Content missing and some colours incorrect when file opened in Viewer
  • [JPED-242] – Search / Extraction showing incorrect characters
  • [JPED-251] – ConcurrentModifiationException when dragging scroll bar in Continuous mode
  • [JPED-250] - Issue with menu bar search navigation in continuous modes
  • [CORE-2802] - Tabs are not honoured in freetext AP image
  • [CORE-3012] - File with empty flate streams freezes the conversion
  • [CORE-3034] - Popup contents did not retain tabs

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