July 2018 Release (8.3.27)

Release date: 27th July 2018

Next release: 31st August 2018

Key features at a glance

  • Viewer menu now updates depending on file type
  • Improvements to handling of ink annotations
  • General code improvements and bug fixes


  • [JPED-275] - Restrict Viewer functionality depending on file type
    The Viewer GUI now updates depending on file type. Actions that cannot be used with the current file type are hidden.
  • [JPED-384] - Update application icon for the Viewer
    The icon for the JPedal Viewer has been updated with the new logo.
  • [JPED-350] - Allow ink annotations to have multiple paths
    When creating ink annotations, all lines are now linked together until the button is deselected.
  • [CORE-3206] - Simplify Jpeg2000Decoder.readComponentsAsUnConvertedBytes
    The readComponentsAsUnConvertedBytes is now smaller and easier to understand.
  • [CORE-3211] - Remove overly strong type cast
    Reduced some class dependencies by using more abstract classes in type casts
  • [CORE-3197] - Faster processing with our Post Script compiler


  • [JPED-349] – Pages appearing blank for specific file in conversion and viewer
  • [JPED-368] –Border vanishes when changing to multi page modes
  • [JPED-377] –Allow for null dictionary stream in Object
    Implemented - fixes decoding issue
  • [JPED-378] – PDF file only has the logo and lines load in
  • [JPED-382] – Fix issues navigating multipage TIFF pages
  • [CORE-3182] - IndexOutOfBounds exception in Post Script Compiler
  • [CORE-3186] - Post table not correctly used when CMAP not present

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