June 2018 Release (8.2.29)

Release date: 29th June 2018

Next release: 27th July 2018

Key features at a glance

  • Annotations tab now hidden when not available
  • Opacity support added to annotation editing
  • Files now encrypted on disk when opening from URL
  • General code improvements and bug fixes


  • [JPED-344] - Remove Annotations tab when not available
    Hide functionality on files where not available.
  • [JPED-113] - Add opacity support to annotation editing / AP
  • [JPED-339] - Remove/move unneeded images in Viewer module
    Decrease size of code base by removing unneeded image files
  • [JPED-347] – Hide annotation functionality on encrypted / protected files
  • [CORE-2936] – General Code Improvements
    Unneeded interfaces and methods removed, old website links updated, etc.
  • [CORE-2928] – Files encrypted on disk when opening from URL
    Files opened from a URL are now encrypted when they are cached to disk
  • [CORE-3080] – setBorderPresent and isBorderPresent methods removed from PdfDecoder
    These internal methods have been removed from the API


  • [JPED-355] – Image not appearing when first loaded
  • [CORE-3185] – Text missing due to IndexOutOfBoundsException

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