March 2018 Release (7.23.29)

Release date: 29th March 2018

Next release: 27th April 2018

Key features at a glance

  • Access levels tidied up
  • Off Screen rendering set as default in Viewer to improve performance
  • Extensive general code improvements


  • [CORE-3079] - Tidy up Access Levels
    Access levels tidied up to remove public access to non-API classes and Ensure correct level of access on objects in low level code
  • [JPED-268] - Off Screen Rendering set as default option in Viewer
    Off screen rendering is now set as the default option as it fixes several performance issues in the Viewer’s mouse listeners
  • [JPED-20] - Horizontal scrolling with shift+scroll added to Viewer
    Functionality allowing you to scroll horizontally with shift+scroll implemented
  • [JPED-270] – Remove internal classes from JPedal Javadocs
    The JPedal Javadoc has been improved and made more concise.
  • [JPED-261] - Remove unused method repaint() from PdfDecoder classes
  • [CORE-2936] - General Code Improvements
    Locked down methods so that access levels are more appropriate, removed unneeded public methods, boolean logic tidied up and unneeded code removed.
  • [CORE-3026] – PDF 2.0’s Length Key for inline images is now read and used
    First instalment of a PDF 2.0 feature – allows us to retrieve and use the length of an inline image
  • [CORE-3064] – BouncyCastle is no longer required to open AES 256 revision
  • [CORE-3069] - Java 10 testing carried out
    We have tested our code base by building, testing and running using Java 10 to ensure compatibility. Issues that have been found have been fixed.


  • [JPED-266] – Tabs are not honored in freetext AP image
  • [JPED-132] – Freehand annotation does not always appear when viewer lags
  • [JPED-253] – Broken stream /Length value results in truncated image data
  • [JPED-256] – /D Key not correctly handled in OCProperties Dictionary
  • [JPED-260] - Ensure properties files for trial do not override the full properties file
  • [JPED-262] -Continuous facing will continually scroll up the page when separate cover option is off
  • [JPED-267] - Ensure popup contents is handled in a way that allows tabs to be retained.
  • [CORE-3035] - Odd CID fonts broken in conversion
  • [CORE-3042] - File incorrectly shows an error message when rendered
  • [CORE-3066] - Encrypted file with broken ref table does not open

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