October 2018 Release Notes 8.6.29

Release date: 29th October 2018

Next release: 30th November 2018

Key features at a glance

  • XXE security vulnerabilty prevention added
  • Text extraction improvements
  • Workaround for JRE crash when rendering round capped dash strokes added


  • [JPED-412] - XXE Security Vulnerabilty Prevention
    Fixes have been added to prevent two potential security vulnerabilities in JPedal. We have removed usage of the Java provided class ScriptEngine from our codebase and changed our usage of DocumentBuilderFactory to prevent XXE (XML External Entity Attack) attacks. We would recommend either updating to the latest version of JPedal or disabling XFA with the following method:
    pdfDecoderInstance.addExternalHandler(false, Options.USE_XFA);  


    viewerInstance.getPdfDecoder().addExternalHandler(false, Options.USE_XFA);  
  • [JPED-412 / JPED-420] - Postscript shading performance improvements
    Two specific PDF file was slow to render using JPedal. Time consumption in Postscript compiler has been reduced.
  • [JPED-413] - Colorspaces are now cached to improve performance
    A document was taking a long time to render with JPedal. Colorspaces are now cached to improve performance.
  • [JPED-408] – Text extraction improvements
    Several improvements to text extraction have been made. This fixes issues with text being extracted in the wrong order and text being merged incorrectly when text added as single characters.
  • [JPED-404] - Workaround for JRE crash when rendering round capped dash strokes
    A workaround has been added for a bug that has been in the JRE since Java 6.
  • [JPED-414] - UX of ExtractStructuredText when running from the command line has been improved


  • [JPED-410] - Annotations not appearing in page flow mode
  • [JPED-421] - Text missing from page
  • [JPED-411] - Incorrect layout when resizing Viewer in page flow mode
  • [JPED-407] - Quality issue with text as images
    Implemented changes to improve how text as images scale with zoom
  • [CORE-3243] - File shows overlapping text
  • [CORE-3259] - Complex dashed strokes cause exception at low scalings

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