May 2019 Release Notes 8.13.31

Release date: 31st May 2019

Next release: 26th July 2019

Key features at a glance

  • Support for jpeg2000 images added
  • Add JPEG2000 to image writing examples (i.e. viewer, PDF2Image)
  • Added simple API to make JPedal easier to use- new support page added.
  • Improve convert PDF to Image example in JPedal so easier to use from any language.
  • Updated support tutorials - PDF to Image
  • Speed and memory improvements to CMYK handling
  • And some bug fixes


  • [JPED-516] - Add simpler getPageAsImage(page) method to ConvertPagesToImages
    We have added simpler API for use .
  • [JPED-511]- Add JPEG2000 Encoder to JPedal
    Feature added to read jpeg2000 image formats
  • [JPED-508] - Add BMP to imageFileFormat which JPedal can write PDF to in image examples
    Added feature to convert pdf file to BMP image format.


  • [CORE-3247] - Wrong Font mapping is used for table text
  • [CORE-3422]- Broken PDF does not open in JPedal
  • [CORE-3413] - Autoscroll is always off in the viewer Fixed
  • [CORE-3431] - Viewer renders page incorrectly when handling non-existent GS objects

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