Release Notes 2020.03

Release date: 27th Mar 2020

Next release: 24th April 2020

Key features at a glance

  • Tested on Java14 - now runs on all Java releases from Java8 and above.
  • Updated code examples in PDF to Image conversion support pages.
  • Better Documentation on features of JPedal.
  • Internal spring cleaning of code to improve ease of maintenance.
  • Bug fixes for Client Files.


  • [CORE-3538]- Test code base with java 14
    With new release of Java 14, we tested our libraries to work with new java14.


  • [JPED-600] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException at PngDecoder
  • [CORE-3544] - Alternate ColorSpace not correctly read for complex colorspace object
  • [CORE-3552] - Dests dictionary not decoding correctly
  • [CORE-3553] - PdfException thrown when trying to extract images from files
  • [CORE-3556] - Update value type of F values in FileAttachmentObjects
  • [CORE-3559] - issue with detecting %PDF at start of file and issue with caching code
  • [CORE-3561] - Allow for null cropBox value

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