Release Notes 2020.05

Release date:29th May 2020

Next release: 26th June 2020

Key features at a glance

  • Further updates to PDF Parser to handle even more broken files. For example, JPedal can now open make more intelligent decisions on whether to use /Length value
  • Improved XForm and Form Renderering to handle all combinations of /Matrix and /BBox values (and to allow for broken values.
  • Bug fixes for Client Files.


  • [CORE-3586] - Change way very thin lines are handled to improve rendering
    Improves rendering of lines less than 1 pixel high
  • [CORE-3508] - Update the ‘IDRsolutions software has expired’ message to be based on the product instead
    Make message clearer for trial users.
  • [JPED-612] - Add DecodeStatus to the Javadocs
    Add Class to Javadocs displayed


  • [CORE-3566] - Tidied up code to validate /Length value on streams
    Parser now makes more intelligent decision on /Length value which is sometimes wrongly set in PDF files
  • [CORE-3569] - Rewrite XForm clipping code and fix corner cases
    Fixes previous clipping issues with XForms
  • [CORE-3571] - Rewrite code to correctly use BBox and Matrix in all cases for rasterizing form content
    Fixes issue previosuly seen with some Forms when rasterized
  • [CORE-3578] - Text not displayed if unbalanced BDC/EMC tags in stream data
    Fixes missing text in file previously not visible.
  • [CORE-3581] - Object Ref not correctly handled if used CR as a deliminator
    File which used CR in place of space as deliminator for object refs now works
  • [CORE-3582] - Scale down very large BBox values when rasterizing mask image to avoid memory issues in decoding
    Fixes memory issue if values of 32768, -32768 used as a default.
  • [CORE-3583] - /N Dictionary Key not correctly handled in PageObject
    Fixes file which was unable to open
  • [CORE-3599] - PDF file failed to open if ‘[’ character in /O or /U keys
    Fixes file which was unable to open
  • [CORE-3598] - /D value not correctly read in customer PDF file
    Dest link now correctly decoded if set directly

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