Release Notes 2020.07

Release date: 30th July 2020

Next release: 28th August 2020

Key features at a glance


  • [CORE-3651] - Enable WebP output


  • [JPED-623] - FreeText annotations in PDF to Image does not add newlines on carriage.
  • [JPED-627] - Incorrect substitution (wrong order) or Times Bold and Times Italic on Windows
  • [CORE-3645] - /D value not correctly read in customer PDF file.
  • [CORE-3541] - Prevent annotations being handled if it has no bounding rectangle.
  • [CORE-3634] - Position of image in Print Preview window incorrectly offset.
  • [CORE-3636] - /MediaBox value not correctly read in customer file.
  • [CORE-3646] - FontMatrix from CFF table not properly applied in OTF font .
  • [CORE-3647] - Parser becomes stuck in continuous loop if Dictionary key tries to read itself into sub-object.
  • [CORE-3648] - 4 bit Smask not correctly handled if indexed colorspace.
  • [CORE-3650] - PDF containing rows of high resolution 1 pixel titled images not displayed.

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