Release Notes 2020.08

Release date: 28th August 2020

Next release: 25th September 2020

Key features at a glance


  • [JPED-631] - Switch JPG output to use IDR JPG encoder
  • [JPED-632] - Switch PNG output to smaller file size rather than faster decoding
  • [JPED-637] - Replace read in OpenFile with
  • [JPED-638] - Inline DefaultImageHelper code to simplify JPedal image handling
  • [JPED-639] - Remove ImageIO read and write from code
    Replaced with and JDeli.write
  • [JPED-620] - Add a dark mode for JPedal Viewer
  • [JPED-634] - Refactor JPedal image code to remove JDeliHelper and use JDeli directly
  • [JPED-640] - Update JPedal JVM flags page
  • [JPED-636] - Add JDeli and EncoderOptions classes to JPedal javadoc build
  • [CORE-3670] - Test products against Java 15
  • [CORE-3672] - Refactor PdfFontFactory::createFont
  • [CORE-3657] - ID image data starting with LF character has first byte skipped


  • [CORE-3663] - ToUnicode CMap misread when an empty bfrange is used
  • [CORE-3671] - PDF file fails to open due to garbage at the start of the file
  • [JPED-624] - FreeText annotations in PDF to Image does not add style specified in DS variable and loses accents

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