Release Notes 2020.12

Release date: 23rd December 2020

Next release: 29th January 2021

Key features at a glance

  • General bug fixes
  • We now write to heic


  • [CORE-3367] - Tidy up and simplify usage of JPXDecode
  • [CORE-3697] - Remove custom JPeg code
  • [CORE-3703] - Fully implement DecodeArray on Mask images
  • [JDEL-381] - Make HeicEncoder live
    we encode with 100% lossless compression, smaller file size compared to png. Images are ceiled to 8 for example 5x5 image will be 8x8 (this will be fixed in next release)
  • [JDEL-417] - Update IFD Classes
    Better handling of tiff DPI
  • [JPED-658] - Write PDF to HEIC
  • [CORE-3699] - Update Image and Text extraction to allow password to be used in static methods
  • [CORE-3700] - Update Image conversion to allow password use


  • [CORE-3705] - Page content missing due to null unicode value
  • [CORE-3706] - Page turning issues
    caching issue fixed and page turning issue on
  • [JPED-657] - Allow incorrect password on a pdf to throw an exception
  • [JPED-659] - PDF to Image feature in Viewer does not work on all image formats (ie Heic)

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