Release Notes 2021.01

Release date: 29th January 2021

Next release: 26th February 2021

Key features at a glance

  • General bug fixes
  • improvements to memory usage throughout the code base
  • Now updated to Java 8 Date-Time API


  • [JDEL-438] - Update copyright year to 2021
  • [JDEL-455] - Speed up PNG encoder by caching D3 / D4 processing if possible Speed up PNG encoding by only recalculating D3 and D4 if they change and cache otherwise.
  • [CORE-3666] - Use of obsolete date-time API Update code base to use JDK8 Date-Time
  • [CORE-3713] - Improve T1Factory memory usage
  • [CORE-3718] - Improve code reading Type1 fonts to reduce memory allocation
  • [CORE-3716] - .intern() all internal strings and table values to improve performance/memory usage


  • [JPED-656] - Duplicated text selection in JPedal Viewer Fixed
  • [JPED-662] - Ensure file validation check fails on reaching end of file Fixed
  • [CORE-3707] - Fix form order based on form size Fixed

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