Release Notes 2021.02

Release date: 26th February 2021

Next release: 26th March 2021

Key features at a glance

  • General bug fixes
  • Improvements to memory usage and speed of encoders


  • [CORE-3720] - Optimise use of FastByteArrayOutputSream
  • [CORE-3738] - Only delete temp files that JPedal creates
  • [JDEL-463] - Cache Clip value for performance in WebP Encoder
  • [JDEL-466] - Indexed Colorspace images now saved to JPEG correctly with white background


  • [JPED-663] - Slow rendering on PDFs with certain vector graphics Fixed
  • [CORE-3704] - BMC/EMC clip incorrectly applied in customer PDF Fixed
  • [CORE-3710] - Single image cache replaced with image from small memory cached images Fixed
  • [CORE-3719] - Avoid premature resizing of underlying data structure in FastByteArrayOutputStream Fixed
  • [CORE-3721] - W2 values not correctly read in customer PDF Fixed
  • [CORE-3723] - Font not correctly handled on customer PDF with CMAP and CIDtoGID Fixed
  • [CORE-3729] - Handle temp files race condition Fixed, A race condition could delete temp files younger than the 4-hour default if other processes are modifying the temp directory when getting the file list.
  • [CORE-3732] - Optimise reading of Unicode values for files with lots of single value entries Fixed
  • [CORE-3734] - Allow for comment at start of byte array Fixed
  • [CORE-3735] - Excessive clips causing long duration on file Fixed