Release Notes 2021.08

Release date: 31st August 2021

Next release: 13th October 2021

Key features at a glance

  • General bug fixes
  • Improvements to error handling
  • Optimisation for better performance


  • JDEL-520 Handle WebP images with odd widths or heights to fix blur in images

  • JPED-665 Added flag to speed up Zooming and Scrolling on slow files


  • JPED-690 Set ConvertPageToImage example to use JPEGCompression variable if set

  • JPED-685 Fixed blurry page rendering when scale layout is greater than 100%

  • CORE-3801 Fixed PDF where form elements display null BBox

  • CORE-3795 Handle rare null value for page clip which causes NPE exception on an N command

  • CORE-3794 Fixed issue with clip-handling of marked content preventing conversion of elements

  • CORE-3791 Fixed infinite loop in code cause by a self-referencing object

  • CORE-3789 Better handling of form components with missing elements causing exceptions

  • CORE-3788 Fixed exception in Flate decryption causing stream to be only partially decoded

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