Release Notes 2021.10

Release date: 13th October 2021

Next release: 24th November 2021

Key features at a glance

  • General bug fixes
  • Improvements to error handling
  • Optimisation for better performance
  • Added dark mode to JPedal Viewer


  • JPED-700 Added dark mode to JPedal Viewer

  • JPED-702 Added convenience method to PDFUtilities to show if PDF file is linearized


  • JPED-701 Viewer will now correctly open Bookmark which only has page value

  • JPED-695 Fixed Name value of Text annotations not saving correctly

  • JPED-694 Fixed incorrect type return for Intent value in OCProperties

  • JPED-693 Fixed Viewer toolbar so look and feel is now set correctly

  • CORE-3804 Fixed invalid enumerated space in JPEG2000

  • CORE-3803 Fixed issue with Text layer being treated as invisible when it should be displayed in PDF

  • CORE-3802 Improved reading of single value Dest values which are not indirect references

  • CORE-3807 Improved decoding of DS commands for Annotation with spaces

  • CORE-3805 Fixed issue causing Font to be treated as WIN encoded instead of MAC