2022.01 Release Notes

Release date: 5th January 2022

Next release: 16th February 2022

Key features at a glance

  • General bug fixes


  • CORE-3829 Better handling to catch ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when reading few broken PDF file


  • JPED-719 Incorrect Type3 extraction values being read in a PDF file Fixed

  • JPED-713 K node in Structured Content tree not correctly handled if direct object Fixed

  • JPED-712 Structured Content file with just null K elements not correctly handled Fixed

  • JPED-711 Structured Data not written out if raw PDF data not UTF16 compliant Fixed

  • CORE-3835 Infinite loop in file if Prev reference outside file Fixed

  • CORE-3833 Incorrectly handled Decode array causing images to be displayed black Fixed

  • CORE-3832 File parsing error due to tabs and comments Fixed

  • CORE-3828 Infinite looping between outline entries Fixed

  • CORE-3584 Form Text does not flow onto next line as in Acrobat Fixed

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