2022.03 Release Notes

Release date: 30th March 2022

Next release: 11th May 2022

Key features at a glance

  • General bug fixes
  • Successful Java 18 compatibility
  • Improvements to PDF to WebP conversion
  • Improved Modules


  • Better PDF to WebP conversion


  • CORE-3863 Handle CFF based CID fonts being incorrectly embedded as CIDFontType2 Fixed

  • CORE-3862 NullPointer when incorrectly decompressing JBIG2 stream leads to XImage not being displayed in customer PDF Fixed

  • CORE-3861 Images in PDF are being excessively pixelated Fixed

  • CORE-3853 Exception opening customer PDF file Fixed

  • JPED-734 Add missing image paths to module-info for JPedal to save to images when running from ModulePath Fixed

  • JPED-729 JPedal Viewer does not Export Images Fixed

  • JPED-730 Remove JavaFX as requirement in JPedal in module-info Fixed

  • JPED-726 Deleted package referenced in module-info causes failure to run under modules Fixed

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