2022.09 Release Notes

Release date: 14th September 2022

Next release: 26th October 2022

Key features at a glance


  • JPED-761 Auto save modified files on close

  • CORE-3894 Added GIF support for exporting images in JPedal Viewer


  • CORE-3896 Tiled and Pattern textures misplaced in XForms Fixed

  • CORE-3893 NullPointerException caused by free objects preventing PDF conversion Fixed

  • CORE-3892 ColorSpace values not correctly cached between Form objects in missing content Fixed

  • CORE-3890 Conversion image has a big black square in it Fixed

  • CORE-3887 Conversion of documents failing with Stack Overflow error due to recursions Fixed

  • CORE-3882 Add support for improperly named glyphs in T1 fonts Fixed

  • JPED-760 Display issue when extracting a clipped image with JPedal Fixed

  • JPED-757 JPedal decoder.getPageAsHiRes fails to render some elements Fixed

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