2022.12 Release Notes

Release date: 8th December 2022

Next release: 18th January 2023

Key features at a glance

New Features and Enhancements

  • JPED-782 Added a Limit Decode Slider to the JPedal Inspector
  • JPED-783 Added an Object Tree Viewer to the JPedal Inspector
  • JPED-781 Added object highlighting to the Xref Viewer and Object Viewer
  • JPED-773 Added the ability to use a relative directory for link annotations
  • JPED-784 Added a warning when dynamic XFA is used
  • JDEL-629 and JDEL-630 Greatly reduced the memory usage of PNG conversions


  • JPED-778 Fixed a bug where writing annotations data to a file with existing annotations would corrupt the file
  • JPED-787 Fixed a bug where JPedal would silently fail if it tried to save in a folder where it had no permissions
  • JPED-780 Fixed a bug where some classes where available on the classpath but not available on the module path
  • CORE-3891 Fixed a bug where some fonts would be displayed as gibberish when exporting as an image
  • CORE-3905 Fixed a bug in the Xref Viewer where the end of a stream was terminated prematurely
  • CORE-3906 Fixed a bug where layers would not show up correctly in PDF2.0 UTF-8 files

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