2023.01 Release Notes

Release date: 18th January 2023

Next release: 1st March 2023

Key features at a glance

New Features and Enhancements

  • JPED-798 Added the ability to view images in JPedal Inspector
  • JPED-794 Added breakpoints to the Limit Decode Slider in the JPedal Inspector
  • JPED-796 Added an Apache Tika parser that supports unstructured text
  • JPED-793 Deprecated executeCommand(int, Object[]) in favour of an enum version executeCommand(ViewerCommands, Object[])
  • JPED-797 Added a new method to query Viewer values getViewerValue(ViewerValues)
  • JPED-804 Added support for compressed cross-reference streams to the Xref Viewer
  • JPED-800 Navigating to a page when zoomed in now goes to the top-left of the page


  • JPED-792 Fixed a bug where extracting text containing ampersands would sometimes produce the wrong output
  • JPED-799 Fixed a bug where URL annotations were sometimes parsed incorrectly