2023.03 Release Notes

Release date: 1st March 2023

Next release: 12th April 2023

Key features at a glance

New Features and Enhancements

  • CORE-3916 Handling DCT 1 component at a time
    Memory reduction of over a half for the file
  • CORE-3920 Outline writer
  • JPED-806 Raw/Hex streams in inspector
  • JPED-810 Change zoom feature to match Adobe


  • CORE-3917 Problems with german special characters
  • CORE-3918 MissingWidth Font value not used for CID fonts
  • CORE-3919 DV key not handled correctly if indirect reference
  • CORE-3921 Fix memory leak in ObjectStore and improve temp file monitoring and removal
  • CORE-3922 Missing text in PDF
  • CORE-3923 lose of underscore lines during conversion
  • JPED-786 Improve accuracy of CMYK to RGB conversion for SMasks
  • JPED-790 Embedded viewer getting stuck in various functionalities due to threading issue
  • JPED-807 SCROLL doesn’t work using execute command