2023.07 Release Notes

Release date: 5th July 2023

Next release: 11th August 2023

Key features at a glance

  • More functionality and control of structured text, including a new class ExtractStructuredTextProperties which can be used to choose between XML or TXT output
  • New ImageAnnotation type which allows insertion of images into a PDF file

New features and enhancements

  • CORE-3935 Added a new ImageAnnotation type for use with the AnnotationWriter
  • JDEL-625 Improved the compression quality of WebP
  • JPED-821 Added separate cover support for continuous facing mode
  • JPED-826 Added function to determine if a PDF file contains fully conformant marked content
  • JPED-827 Added drag ‘n’ drop file opening to the JPedal Object Viewer
  • JPED-828, JPED-831, JPED-832, and JPED-838 Added a new ExtractStructuredTextProperties class which provides more control over ExtractStructuredText
  • JPED-837 Updated the properties window to inform if a file contains marked content


  • CORE-3942 Fixed a bug where StandardFont characters where not rendered correctly
  • JPED-756 Fixed a bug where search threads were not always terminated after exiting the Viewer
  • JPED-825 Fixed a bug where failing on a single file in a directory would halt the processing of the entire directory
  • JPED-835 Fixed a bug where opening files with the file:// protocol was not functioning correctly