2023.08 Release Notes

Release date: 11th August 2023

Next release: 27th September 2023

Key features at a glance

  • General bug fixes
  • Codebase tidying


  • JPED-839 Fixed a bug where some name values were not read correctly
  • JPED-840 Fixed a bug where saving certain annotation types would fail
  • JPED-830 Remove internal use of deprecated methods in SwingGUI
  • CORE-3933 Fixed an issue with word spacing being added to incorrect character caused by an unusual font mapping
  • CORE-3946 Fixed an issue where ImageAnnotations would appear blurry if scaled up
  • CORE-3951 Fixed an issue with some text glyphs displaying incorrectly caused by an errant indirect object reference inside a font object array
  • CORE-3949 Fixed an issue where comments in PostScript streams were not correctly being ignored which may have caused certain content to display incorrectly