Extract text using Apache Tika

JPedal is compatible with Apache Tika’s Parser interface, meaning you can use it as a drop-in replacement in an existing Tika application.

Currently, it only supports unstructured text, although we have plans in the future to support structured text.

Example usage

try (final TikaInputStream tik = TikaInputStream.get(Paths.get("path/file.pdf"))) {
    final PDFParser parser = new PDFParser();

    // Set the writeLimit to -1 otherwise only the first 100000 characters are parsed
    final BodyContentHandler handler = new BodyContentHandler(-1);

    // Ability to set a password if necessary
    final Metadata metadata = new Metadata();
    // metadata.set(PDFParser.PASSWORD, "password");

    // parseContext is not required so can be null
    parser.parse(tik, handler, metadata, null);

    // Print the result
} catch (final IOException | SAXException | TikaException e) {

More information about PDFParser.

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