Add Custom PDF Form Actions

JPedal will automatically process and display Form Objects and their contents. It will also allow you to access Form Data and customize the appearance of Forms.

Add standard Java listeners to any PDF form component

When JPedal displays a PDF form, it converts all the PDF form components into Swing widgets. This allows you to add standard listeners to them to trigger actions when an event is fired. Using a custom ActionHandler you could easily add additional functionality such as updating that value within a database, providing a powerful workflow solution.

In order to provide custom form behaviour you will need add it using PdfDecoder.isExternalHandler(Object newHandler, int type). The value newHandler should be an object implementing the ActionHandler interface. The value type should be the value Options.FormsActionHandler

The ActionHandler interface allows you to define the code to trigger on different PDF component actions. Using this interface you can implement the forms actions yourself allowing you to only implement the functionality you wish or provide entire new functionality for a trigger.

However, if you wish to extend the existing functionality you can extend DefaultActionHandler to add additional behaviours to the default behaviour provided in JPedal.

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