How to update form values in the Viewer

The JPedal Viewer has support for interacting with Forms within the PDF and saving the updated values. Below you will find detail on how this is done and other features that will help in interacting with forms.

Interacting with Forms

The JPedal Viewer will display forms on the page using Swing Components. These can be interacted with directly, allow you to selection radio buttons, click buttons, enter text, and other varied actions. As the forms on the page are updated the underlying FormObject is updated also meaning that the values are stored ready to be saved later.

In order to save any changes to the forms you will need to use the menu item “File -> Save As” option on the menubar or press Ctrl + S on the keyboard.
Menubar Save As

The Viewer will also track if you have modified any forms. If a form has been modified the Viewer will provide a popup asking if you wish to save the changes.
Changed Popup

Highlighting Forms

PDFs allow forms to appear in almost any way you wish to display it, this can make forms difficult to identify on the page.
A common example of this is text forms with no border and the same background color as the page. In order to help this we have an option to highlight form fields to make them more visible. Below is an example page, the left half showing form highlighting turned off, the right half showing form highlighting turned on.
Highlighted Forms

In order to activate this feature you can either update the properties file to set the highlightFormFields value to true or open the properties file “Edit -> Preferences” and turn on the option in the preferences window.
Highlighted Forms

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