Can BuildVu convert more than one file at a time?

Yes. BuildVu is able to perform multiple conversions at the same time. As the conversion method handles one file at a time you will need to call the methods concurrently. There are several approaches you can take to do this.

  1. Starting each conversion from the command line simultaneously.
  2. Starting each conversion in a Thread will allow multiple conversions to take place.
    This can be done using a thread pool and a method to submit conversions.
    final ExecutorService pool = Executors.newFixedThreadPool(10);  
    public void convertFile(final File pdfFile, final File outputDirectory, final HTMLConversionOptions htmlConversionOptions, final OutputModeOptions outputModeOptions, final String password) {  
        pool.submit(() -> {  
            final PDFtoHTML5Converter converter = new PDFtoHTML5Converter(pdfFile, outputDirectory, htmlConversionOptions, outputModeOptions);  
            if (password != null) { //optional password  
            try {  
            } catch (final PdfException e) {  
  3. Use the BuildVu Microservice to deploy BuildVu to an App Server or a Cloud platform and send concurrent conversions via a client.