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This page will help you learn more about BuildVu and get started with running it on your own machine.

Getting Support

If you would like to ask a question, need help using BuildVu, or want to submit a bug report, please fill in our support request form and a member of our support staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

Further information about our support system can be found in How does our support system work?

Running BuildVu

If you will be running BuildVu locally you will need to make sure that Java is installed. To find out which Java versions are supported, please read Which Java versions does BuildVu support?

We have guides for:

We also have a range of tutorials to help you get the most out of BuildVu, as well as API Documents which provide more technical detail.

We also include Frequently Asked Questions and Tips in the relevant sections.

Accessing the Javadoc

The Javadoc for BuildVu can be accessed online

BuildVu Releases

A new version of BuildVu is released every 6 weeks and we also provide customers with a daily pre-release jar. To find out more about the differences, please read What is the difference between the release and daily jars?

Release notes are published in the release notes section.


  • BuildVu 2024.07 Release Notes

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