What is the IDRViewer?

The IDRViewer is a JavaScript-based viewer provided with BuildVu that can be used by customers who are looking for a simple pre-built solution to display converted documents in the web browser. The IDRViewer is available on GitHub as an open-source (Apache-2.0) project.

The IDRViewer is the component responsible for loading and displaying the pages in the web browser. It also handles functionality such as zoom, page layouts, and selection mode.

We also provide a number of user-interfaces that can be used as provided or used as a starting point for building your own user interface.

The user interfaces interact with the IDRViewer component using the JavaScript API. This separation allows our customers to create their own viewer skin without needing to create all the complex functionality such as page loading, page layouts, zoom, etc.

The IDRViewer project can be found at idrsolutions/idrviewer on GitHub.

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