April 2017 Release Notes

Next Release:

The next release is on Tuesday 2nd May 2017


  • Search has been added to the IDRViewer
  • Keyboard navigation has been added to the IDRViewer
  • Last Java 6 release (moving to Java 8)
  • Lots of general bug fixes and improvements to the IDRViewer

April Release (4th Apr 2017):


  • [HTML-2793] - [IDRViewer] Implement Search
    Search is now available inside the sidebar of the Coomplete UI (the Ctrl+f / Cmd+f keyboard shortcuts have also been overridden). There is also an IDRViewerOptions setting called generateSearchFile that can be enabled to write out a search.json file which contains the textual content from the whole document.

  • [HTML-2799] - [IDRViewer] Page Navigation
    Added page navigation using Page Up, Page Down, Home & End keyboard buttons has now been added to the IDRViewer

  • [HTML-2801] - [IDRViewer] Magazine Mode
    Added support for magazine mode in files where not all pages have the same bounds

  • [HTML-2798] - Added support for Type3 fonts in SVG modes
    Pages containing Type3 fonts are now flattened to allow display. Affects a very small percentage of files.

  • [HTML-2802] - [IDRViewer] Dropdown enhancements
    Unfocus dropdowns after used to allow keyboard navigation without extra click (Complete UI)

  • [HTML-2795] - [IDRViewer] Zooming enhancements
    Ensure visible pages remain visible when zooming

  • [HTML-2791] - Improved behavior to display font with missing data
    Rasterize font if no default Font Width exists

  • [HTML-2790] - Add class to shared CSS element
    The shared CSS element now has the class ‘shared-css’

  • [HTML-2790] - [IDRViewer] Remove duplicate shared CSS element when loading pages
    Less clutter now in DOM

  • [CORE-2848] - Improved pattern handling
    Improves sheared patterned images


  • [HTML-1537] - Fixed Incorrect mapping of glyphs onto space character
    Some PDFs were incorrectly mapping glyphs onto space character

  • [HTML-2785] - [IDRViewer] Fixed Safari exception
    Fixed the exception in safari where the nav does not work on local filesystem (HTML only)

  • [HTML-2796] - Font rejected by web browser font sanitizers
    Filtered out unnecessary data in font to pass browser inspection

  • [HTML-2800] - Incorrect appearance of radio buttons and checkboxes in forms
    Disabled caching on same-size radio buttons and checkboxes to fix display issues

  • [CORE-2835] - Missing form
    Forms were missing if PDF is repeatedly converted to image

  • [CORE-2832] - Incorrectly truncating a data streams
    Fixed the Byte stream code to remove spurious LF/CR incorrectly truncates a data stream

  • [CORE-2842] - GraphicsState being null
    Fixed the issue where GraphicsState might be null

  • [CORE-2846] - Allow for addition of zero length FlateDecode (or other stream) in PDF file
    Fixed by removing unnecessary exception

  • [CORE-2847] - PdfDecoder returns total pages as 0 when specific file rendered

  • [CORE-2841] - Incorrect Glyf mapping in customer CidFont0 PDF
    Fixed the issue where the incorrect Glyf mapping in customer CidFont0 PDF


  • Last Java6 release
    From the May release onwards, JPDF2HTML5 will move to Java8. For more information, please see this blog post
  • [HTML-2787] - Deprecate IE8 Support
    IE8 Features have now been deprecated. For more information, please see this blog post

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