January 2017 Release Notes

Next Release: Tuesday 7th Feb 2017


  • New IDRViewer Slideshow UI
  • The IDRViewer now includes keyboard navigation, support for page labels and zoom information
  • Clean up CustomIO/DefaultIO API
  • There has also been lots of general bug fixes and low level improvements

Changes and Enhancements

  • 28270: [IDRViewer] Create SlideShow UI Example
    New UI mode added: SlideShow

  • 28300: [IDRViewer] Add support for PDF page labels
    Page label support added to all 4 example UIs

  • 27749: [IDRViewer] Add support for Dest zoom information
    Vertical offsets in GoTo and Dest annotations are now supported

  • 28057: [IDRViewer] Add keyboard navigation with left & right arrow keys

  • 28062: [IDRViewer] Improve the appearance of dropdown menus in Complete UI
    Dropdown menus now match the theme.

  • 28152: Clean up CustomIO/DefaultIO API
    A number of improvements to the CustomIO API have been made.
    • All methods now include a separate parameter to pass the root directory separately to the relative name, allowing the base path to be omitted if required (for example if writing to a zip file).
    • waitForImages() has been renamed to completeDocument() to better describe when the method is called (at the end of the document) and purpose (to complete progress)
    • setupOutput(), write() and flush() have been replaced by a single call to writePlainTextFile() to ensure consistency with other files.
    • writeAppendedPlainTextFile() has been added to the API to allow for files that need to be appended..
  • 27975: Add support for combination of embedImageAsBase64 flag and image text mode in svg conversion
    Added support for combination of embedImageAsBase64 flag and image text mode when converting pdf to svg

  • 28339: Separate out Params and decodeParams as previously both treated as same
    Now separated

  • 26249: Remove deprecated code
    Removed deprecated settings in IDRViewerOptions


  • 28297: [IDRViewer] 1px white line at bottom or right of page depending on zoom

  • 26899: Radio button and checkbox images now fixed when images are embedded as base64
    Radio button and checkbox images now display correctly when images are embedded as base64

  • 28016: CidFont0/CidFont2 need to handle CFF slightly differently

  • 28343: Fix form alignment in content only mode

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