June 2017 Release Notes

Next Release:

The next release is on Tuesday 4th July 2017


  • Rewritten CID foreign encoding support to handle foreign languages and support CID font encodings
  • CustomIO writeImageToStream method can now be overwritten
  • Allow indexed images to be downsampled
  • General bug fixes and improvements

June Release (6th June 2017):


  • [CORE-2868] - CID foreign encoding support
    We have totally rewritten the internal code to handle foreign languages in PDF files and now support CID font encodings.

  • [CORE-2865] - Image Downsampling
    Allow indexed images and convert to rgb in downsampling code

  • [HTML-2815] - CustomIO writeImageToStream method can now be overwritten
    Method is now protected rather than private, providing an easier way to override image writing

  • [HTML-2823] - ‘hidden’ class used for annotations/forms clashes when embedded into site
    Altered class used to ‘idr-hidden’ to prevent clash


  • [HTML-2818] - External Annotation links without a protocol try to open a relative URL

  • [HTML-2821] - Type3 text incorrectly causing redecode when an image textMode is used

  • [HTML-2822] - Page bounds inside config.js and properties.json incorrect when scaling set to fitWidth/fitHeight and not all pages have same bounds

  • [HTML-2832] - Links with null zoom value navigate to incorrect page in IDRViewer continuous layout

  • [CORE-2866] - LF in encrypted Strings incorrectly removed, breaking String value

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