October 2017 Release Notes

Next Release:

The next release is on Tuesday 7th November 2017


  • Improved handling of incorrectly defined PDF values
  • Internal improvements to Annotation and Form element generation
  • General bug fixes and improvements

September Release (5th September 2017):


  • [HTML-2931] – Internal improvements to Annotation & Form element generation code
    Generated HTML elements are now automatically formatted correctly.

  • [CORE-2898] – Improve handling of Name values which are incorrectly defined
    Improved handling of incorrectly defined Name values

  • [CORE-2899] – Dest handling code does not correctly allow for no last value
    Improved handling of incorrectly defined Dest values

  • [CORE-2903] – Missing chunks of pages after conversion
    Improved handling of incorrect K command value


  • [CORE-2897] – Broken cyclical xref tables
    Handle broken cyclical xref tables

  • [CORE-2900] – Image on page 3 is missing in Viewer and HTML output
    Fixed issue in XObject keys

  • [HTML-458] – Text has incorrect vertical position

  • [CORE-2902] – Document showing turquoise in areas that should be white
    Fixed issue in CalGreyColorSpace code

  • [CORE-2904] – Indirect numbers in float array not correctly read

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