April 2018 Release Notes

Release date: 3rd April 2018

Next Release: 1st May 2018


  • [HTML-3084] - SVG rendering performance and file size improvements
    We have implemented a range of techniques to improve SVG rendering performance and reduce file size (15-20% file size saving on average).

  • [HTML-3090] - New setting to generate svgz
    It is now possible to directly generate gzip compressed SVG files. The IDRViewer has been updated to support svgz files. Read our new SVG compression tutorial

  • [HTML-3018] - Rewrite CFFWriter (& related classes) to be cleaner and properly handle CFF fonts
    Alongside fixing some minor issues, this will allow us to improve the speed at which we can make CFF improvements in the future

New Microservice Examples:
We have added 5 new language tutorials.

  • [CORE-2936] - General code improvements
    Removed unnecessary public methods, boolean logic tidied up and uneeded code removed

  • [CORE-3079] - Tidy up Access Levels
    Access levels tidied up to remove public access to non-API classes and Ensure correct level of access on objects in low level code

  • [CORE-3026] - PDF 2.0’s Length Key for inline images is now read and used
    First instalment of a PDF 2.0 feature – allows us to retrieve and use the length of an inline image

  • [CORE-3064] - BouncyCastle is no longer required to open AES 256 revision 6 encrypted PDFs
    Functionality is now internally included so a depenency on the BouncyCastle jar is no longer necessary

  • [CORE-3069] - Java 10 testing carried out
    We have tested our code base by building, testing and running using Java 10 to ensure compatibility.


  • [HTML-3065] - Multiple ligatures for the same character causing incorrect glyph remapping

  • [CORE-3035] - Odd CID fonts broken in conversion

  • [CORE-3042] - File incorrectly shows an error message when rendered

  • [CORE-3066] - Encrypted file with broken ref table does not open