August 2018 Release Notes

Release date: 7th August 2018

Next release: 4th September 2018


  • [HTML-3130] - [IDRViewer] Thumbnail Tab Facelift in Complete UI
    The complete UI now uses CSS-based loading indicators when loading thumbnails instead of the outdated GIF indicator. In addition, sidebar styles have been updated which provides a more modern look and feel.

  • [HTML-3134] - [IDRViewer] Improve Memory Management
    The IDRViewer now dynamically unloads pages from the DOM which are far away from the page currently being viewed. This reduces memory consumption particularly on long documents.

  • [HTML-3135] - [IDRViewer] General code improvements
    Panning mode now uses CSS styles for the panning element which are now updated using a CSS class (in idrviewer.css) rather than set directly with JavaScript. Event handling in panning mode has also been updated to reduce memory consumption, improve code readability and prevent necessary events from being overwritten.

  • [HTML-3140] - Improve UX when running jar outside of command line
    The the window that opens when running the jar outside of the command line has been given a more modern look and feel. The displayed url can now be clicked on to navigate to the documentation for running from command line. The window is now added to the taskbar when opened which makes it easy to find when hidden by other applications.

Microservice Examples: We now have a new support page showing how to enable GZIP compression on application servers. The BuildVu Microservice Example and associated clients have been updated to return the a full URL for the preview and download instead of just the path, simplifying the code necessary to access the converted document. All microservice example support documents have been reviewed and minor changes made to improve readability.

  • [CORE-3206] - Simplify Jpeg2000Decoder.readComponentsAsUnConvertedBytes
    Improves code quality, readability & performance.

  • [CORE-2992] - Remove BouncyCastle specific code
    Removes outdated and unused code.


  • [HTML-3137] - [IDRViewer] Vertical alignment of controls is incorrect in Internet Explorer

  • [HTML-3145] - [IDRViewer] Scroll position changes when zooming in long documents

  • [CORE-3211] - Overly strong type cast

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