December 2018 Release Notes

Release date: 4th December 2018

Next release: 8th January 2019


  • [HTML-3199] - Improvements to space detection algorithm
    It is common for PDF files to simulate spaces in text by simply moving the cursor where a space should be. It is up to the PDF reader to interpret where spaces may be added when extracting the text. This behaviour is not defined within the PDF specification and we have found when testing files in other PDF Viewers that the results can vary massively.

We have introduced AI concepts to the detection of spaces in BuildVu which has produced improvements, particularly in text with tight kerning where the width of a space is smaller than usual. This has also improved files where spaces were unnecessarily added in text that has wide spacing.

  • [HTML-3196] - Vendor Prefixes in CSS
    Updated CSS transform vendor prefixes to add the unprefixed variant and to remove -o and -moz variants. We continue to support IE9 onwards and modern versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge & Safari.


  • [HTML-3086] - Character zero wrongly displayed when CMAP and POST table are both invalid
    Fixed (raw extraction value is now shown)

  • [HTML-3182] - Shading not appearing in conversion

  • [HTML-3106] - Font missing mappings causing exception

  • [CORE-3279] - PDF with group transparency incorrectly displays images faded

  • [CORE-3278] - Exception caused by additional space in unicode mapping code

  • [CORE-3288] - Layer visibility incorrectly detected causing missing page content