July 2018 Release Notes

Release date: 3rd July 2018

Next release: 7th August 2018


  • [HTML-3122] - Vertical Positioning of Text Improvement
    This is a big change that we have been working to solve over the last few years that we are very excited about. It resolves issues seen in a large number of files relating to the vertical positioning of HTML text.

  • [CORE-2936] - General code improvements
    Uneeded interfaces and methods removed, old website links updated, etc.

  • [CORE-2928] – Files encrypted on disk when opening from URL
    Files opened from a URL are now encrypted when they are cached to disk

  • [CORE-3197] - Faster processing with our Post Script compiler
    Time it takes to process page significantly improved


  • [HTML-3116] - Incorrect horizontal text spacing in SVG with consecutive spaces

  • [HTML-3118] - SVG Text: Selection blocked below shape/image

  • [CORE-3182] - IndexOutOfBounds exception in Post Script Compiler

  • [CORE-3185] – Text missing due to IndexOutOfBoundsException

  • [CORE-3186] - Post table not correctly used when CMAP not present

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