March 2018 Release Notes

Release date: 6th March 2018

Next release: 3rd April 2018


New Microservice Example: You don’t need to code in Java to use BuildVu - try out our BuildVu Microservice example, which lets you host your own BuildVu web app and access BuildVu using a REST API.

  • [HTML-3082] - Remove unnecessary dx attributes in SVG conversion (when values are all 0)
    Optimisation that improves file size

  • [HTML-3048] - Use Liberation for non-embedded fonts
    Improves the display of non-embedded fonts and provides scope for further improvements in the future.

  • [HTML-3076] - Allow annotations to display tabs

  • [HTML-3081] - Add omitNameDir configuration option to SVG conversion

  • [HTML-3060] - Remove setEncoding and org.jpedal.pdf2html.encoding setting
    Unnecessary configuration option removed (should always be UTF-8)

  • [CORE-2936] – General code improvements
    Redundant fields removed, unnecessary files removed, classes have been decoupled so that they are in more relevant modules, etc.

  • [CORE-2942] - Improve support for AES-256 Revision 6 encryption

  • [CORE-2990] – Files spooled on disk are now encrypted (except those opened as a linearised URL)
    Most methods now excrypt files. The only exception is when opening a file from a linearized URL which is still being worked on.

  • [CORE-3023] – Decoupled unused Swing code from core modules
    Redundant code removed

  • [CORE-3038] - Memory usage improved for JPEG and JPEG2000 image formats
    Efficiency increased so that we use less memory when dealing with JPEG and JPEG2000 images


  • [HTML-2953] - Separate modifier characters (such as acute accents) have incorrect position in realtext mode

  • [HTML-3047] - Font widths incorrect in file

  • [HTML-3057] - [IDRViewer] Text highlight does not disappear when clicking on another page (SVG only)

  • [HTML-3062] - Autodetected links have the wrong appearance

  • [HTML-3067] - Deflating 0 length table inside font causes conversion to hang

  • [CORE-3012] - File with empty flate streams freezes the conversion

  • [CORE-3042] - File incorrectly shows an error message when there is no error