September 2018 Release Notes

Release date: 4th September 2018

Next release: 2nd October 2018


[HTML-3142] - [IDRViewer] Add named zoom values to zoomIn() and zoomOut()
Added named zoom values (e.g. Automatic, Fit Width, etc) to the zoom in and zoom out behaviour

[HTML-3148] - [IDRViewer] Improve performance of thumbnail loading indicator in Complete UI
Improved performance of the CSS thumbnail loading indicator (only animates when visible)

[HTML-3156] - Rasterize fonts which lack extraction values
Improves the display of text which uses a font with missing extraction values

[CORE-3216] - Replace old LZWDecoder calls from sun with new version using JDeli
Removed dependency on Sun’s lzwdecoder

[CORE-3241] - Improve memory usage on large black and white images
Large memory improvement when decoding large black and white images

[HTML-3153] - Add BuildVu version to window title when running jar outside of command line

[CORE-3229] - Improve AP handler code
Improved icons when no AP image is present


[HTML-3144] - Patterned/shaded text has incorrect fill colour
Fixed (patterned/shaded text is now rasterized in image text modes)

[HTML-3161] - [IDRViewer] Thumbnails not loading in rare circumstance when using search shortcut

[CORE-3198] - File contains large gaps and displays characters incorrectly
Fixed incorrect reading of MAC encoded glyphs in version 2 ‘Post’ tables

[CORE-3213] - Word spacing incorrectly applied on CID fonts where space is remapped

[CORE-3234] - DecodeArray incorrectly applied on RGB images