2019.12 Release Notes

Release date: 10th December 2019

Next BuildVu release: 28th January 2020

Updated version numbering As of this release, version numbers will now be YYYY.MM (year.month) for our regular releases. Our daily pre-release versions will use YYYY.MM.DD-daily

New documentation for deploying BuildVu to the Cloud with Docker We have released documentation showing how to run BuildVu with Docker and deploy to Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), DigitalOcean, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud.


[HTML-3316] - Add imageScale option to write out larger images for higher quality zooming
Full release of experimental option added in the October 2019 release which allows image sizes to be increased for higher quality zooming.

When running BuildVu from command line, this can be enabled using the system property -Dorg.jpedal.pdf2html.imageScale=value where value is a floating point number greater than 1.
E.g. -Dorg.jpedal.pdf2html.imageScale=1.5

Default value is 1, which produces images at the same size they are displayed when the zoom is 100%. A value of 1.5 will generate images at 1.5x the standard size. The maximum size of an image is capped at the size of the source image stored in the PDF file. For example if the source image is 150x150, then increasing the imageScale value will not generate an image larger than 150x150.

It is important to remember that file size grows exponentially with the scaling factor. For example, scaling an image by 2 actually multiplies the number of pixels by 4. We therefore recommend a value such as 1.5 or 2.

[HTML-3291] - Jumpy text selection in Chrome/Safari/Edge/IE
Line height has been increased which increases the selection bounds of the text in Chrome/Safari/Edge/IE, making the cursor less likely to hit the background and reverse the direction of the selection.

[HTML-3315] - Improved vertical text positioning in HTML conversion (particularly in Firefox)
Fixes a regression that was introduced in a recent Firefox update, but also further improves accuracy of vertical text positioning in all browsers

[CORE-3500] - Update locations scanned for System fonts which can be used on Mac font substitution to match changes in Catalina
Affects rasterized forms only

[JDEL-287] - Add Filtering to PNG encoder to reduce filesize output
Improves a small subset of files with non-whitespace repeating rows (e.g. shades)


[CORE-3503] - Incorrect Font displayed in Customer PDF file due to # incorrectly removed from font name

[CORE-3504] - Poor quality images caused by downsampling too small
Improves the quality of a small subset of images affected by this problem

[CORE-3505] - Link border incorrectly displayed
Fixed issue in file where underline was incorrectly displayed as full border
Fixed issue in file where border was displayed when it shouldn’t be

[CORE-3507] - Odd 1x1 image mask incorrectly converted to shape when should be ignored
Fixed issue causing large black rectangle to incorrectly appear on page

[CORE-3510] - Mask upscaling causing array index out of bounds exception
Fixed issue in file causing images not to be displayed

[CORE-3511] - Prevent user permissions being applied when owner password is provided
Fixed issue where user permissions were wrongly applied. Brief overview of security permissions

[CORE-3494] - Color inverted on JPX image
Added support for separation colorspace to JPX decoder