April 2019 Release Notes

Release date: 2nd April 2019

Next release: 14th May 2019


[HTML-3239] - Add support for R2L documents in the IDRViewer
Documents that specify an R2L reading order will now be displayed in the correct order in magazine modes and navigation controls are now reversed

[HTML-3251] - [IDRViewer] Add pages to history in continuous layout (when viewed for longer than 1 second)
Allows navigation back through previously viewed pages using the browser history (already supported in presentation and magazine layouts)

[HTML-3238] - Add French Translation to IDRViewer
French translations have been added, and please let us know if you would like to contribute other language translations

[HTML-3198] - Image edges are pixelated when rotated in image text modes
Added edge smoothing

[CORE-3300] - Complex clip shapes have rough pixelated edges
Added edge smoothing

[CORE-3263] - Add support for invalid encoding array in Type 1 fonts
Adds work-around for broken encoding dictionaries

Improved support material
We have a range of new and updated support articles.


[HTML-3237] - [IDRViewer] Json Annotations stop working if the page gets unloaded then reloaded

[HTML-3124] - [IDRViewer] Tap and hold link annotations on iOS has odd behavior
Fixed page jumping due to iOS attempting to select the content

[HTML-3244] - [IDRViewer] Scope of nav tag in Complete UI is too wide

[HTML-3245] - [IDRViewer] Layout menu should be hidden on mobile in Complete UI (regression in February release)

[HTML-3247] - [IDRViewer] inline_svg flag in combination with svg_shapetext text mode causing fonts to be overwritten

[HTML-3197] - Improve text order when copying and pasting RTL text

[HTML-2817] - Problem with large numbers in Type 1 charstrings
Fixed issue with handling of Type 1 to CFF conversion

[HTML-2824] - Some characters not rendering correctly

[HTML-3038] - Converted SVG can show content outside page bounds if the width and height attributes are removed

[HTML-3242] - Color difference in an image
Improved YUV to RGB colour conversion accuracy

[HTML-3248] - Widths not passed through to web fonts correctly
Fixes width lookup using incorrect character index value

[CORE-3346] - Post table not being correctly read

[CORE-3350] - CID Type1 font data does not render correctly in file

[CORE-3374] - Incorrect glyphs rendered for CID font

[CORE-3385] - Incorrect text positioning
Fixes issue in handling of hex values in font names

[CORE-3387] - Characters incorrectly positioned
Fixes issue in handling of charspacing in vertical text

[CORE-3388] - Type 1 font code doesn’t handle width claiming after subroutines

[CORE-3396] - PDF file with compressed objects using zero as value separator and missing object refs on objects does not open
Added work-around for file not conforming to PDF spec

[CORE-3397] - XObject RunLength Image Decoding produces distorted output
Adds work-around for file not correctly marking the end of image data

[CORE-3368] - Do not use DCT filter as factor when downsampling an image
Allows DCT images to be downsampled

[CORE-3382] - Always use Alt value for ICCColorSpace if set
Improves handling of DeviceGrey

[CORE-3407] - Incorrect text position affecting a very small percentage of files
Fixes issue with negative kerning values not applied at the end of text blocks

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