August 2019 Release Notes

Release date: 6th August 2019

Next BuildVu release: 17th September 2019


[CORE-2975] - Improvements to handling of large values in TrueType hinting
Improves the appearance of hinted glyphs that use large values

[CORE-3446] - Handle objects referenced in PDF but not in ref table
Improves object detection in ‘broken’ files

[CORE-3415] - Refactor PdfFontFactory
Internal code refactor to make the code more maintainable and allow for further development


[HTML-3278] - BuildVu client in C# fails to upload file
Fixed issue in microservice client example

[CORE-3455] - F key on OCProperties not correctly read on customer file
Fixes issue preventing document conversion

[HTML-3077] - Space character mapped to glyph with visible appearance causing space detection code to add spaces with an appearance

[HTML-2544] - Inserted spaces mapped to non-blank glyph

[HTML-2657] - Barcode number has space mapped to N (HTML & SVG)

[HTML-2600] - Overlapping text due to missing space glyph

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