October 2019 Release Notes

Release date: 29th October 2019

Next BuildVu release: 10th December 2019


[HTML-3306] - Experimental option for larger image output
We have added an experimental option for testing purposes which allows image sizes to be increased to allow higher quality zooming.

When running BuildVu from command line, this can be enabled using the system property -DexperimentalImageScale=value where value is a floating point number greater than 1.
E.g. -DexperimentalImageScale=1.5 will generate images at 1.5x the standard size.

It is important to remember that file size grows exponentially with the scaling factor.
For example, scaling an image by 2 actually multiplies the number of pixels by 4.

We therefore recommend a value such as 1.5 or 2.

To reduce file size, images will not be generated larger than the source image from the PDF.
For example if the original image is 150x150, then increasing the experimentalImageScale value will not generate an image larger than 150x150.

The setting is currently experimental to allow us to finish the implementation and allow for testing.
We plan to add this as a standard option in the next release (the setting name will change).

[JDEL-281] - Change PNG compression algorithm from BEST_SPEED to BETTER_COMPRESSION
PNG files now have smaller file size. This is a lossless compression with no change in the appearance. PNG files are now approximately 13.5% smaller, with a small cost to conversion speed.

[CORE-3477] - Add support for fonts with DIV command before SBW/HSBW
Added workaround to display technically invalid font


[CORE-3496] - White lines appearing between images
Fixed issue typically seen with magazines produced by InDesign

[HTML-3282] - Images clipped too harshly in image text modes
Fixed issue with image edges clipped too harshly due to hard-clipping

[HTML-3294] - Grayscale images are incorrectly lightened during conversion
Fixed issue with color conversion

[HTML-3295] - Incorrect text stroke appearance causing invisible character
Fixed incorrect ordering of stroke and fill causing character to become invisible

[CORE-3481] - File reports AES error when attempting to open

[CORE-3470] - Border around link annotations is missing (when set)

[CORE-3472] - Issue decoding JPEG image in PDF file
Added workaround for unnecessary byte in jpeg data

[CORE-3478] - Using soft-clip for shapes fails when fillstroke command handled
Fixed (fillstroke commands are now soft-clipped)

[CORE-3488] - Customer PNG with CMYK colorspace is not correctly displayed
Fixes incorrect detection of CMYK data in file

[CORE-3489] - XRefStm value not correctly handled in hybrid Ref table