2020.03 Release Notes

Release date: 10th March 2020

Next BuildVu release: 21st April 2020


[HTML-2950] - Add support for removing deprecated accent character generation in CFF fonts to circumvent Chrome rendering issue
Workaround added for incorrect font handling in Chrome which caused overlapping of accented characters

[CORE-3479] - Replace used of font Lucida with SansSerif as not present from Java 11 onwards
Updated (causes very minor text appearance differences in flattened AcroForms)

[CORE-3534] - Improve reading of ascii hex values in parser
Refactored ascii reader code to improve performance of the decoding function

[CORE-3535] - Improved handling of transparency groups
Implemented correct handling of Knockout and Isolation functions in transparency groups

[CORE-3530] - Handle attempt to open zero length PDF gracefully and throw clear PdfException
Prevents potential OutOfMemoryError when handling empty files

[CORE-3538] - Implement FileAttachment object and use for WIN Dictionary
Improved handling of FileAttachment objects to prevent circular FileAttachment dependencies causing infinite loop


[HTML-3326] - Image with Color blend mode applied is missing
Fixed issue with image blending with incorrect background color which caused it to become invisible

[HTML-3353] - Fix issue where ' is displayed in bookmarks as opposed to ‘
Fixed display of apostrophes in bookmarks

[CORE-3492] - AES key generation offset incorrectly for Owner password
Fixed file that could not be decoded

[CORE-3499] - Large images with Masks are scaled-down
Fixed issue in memory optimisation which resulted in some images could appear too small

[CORE-3529] - Source jar generated by Maven contains only the files in the build module
Fixed missing classes in source jar

[CORE-3544] - Alternate ColorSpace not correctly read for complex colorspace object
Fixed incorrect text color caused by non-standard colourspace not being handled

[CORE-3552] - Dests dictionary not decoding correctly
Fixed Dests dictionary not being read when stream is compressed

[CORE-3553] - PdfException thrown when trying to extract images from files
Fixed OutOfBoundsException when handling multi-value image array

[CORE-3545] - Parser does not correctly handle indirect number inside object array
Fixed issue which prevented page being decoded

[CORE-3498] - JPX encoded DeviceN image not displayed with correct color conversion
Fixed image displaying with incorrect colors

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