2020.06 Release Notes

Release date: 2nd June 2020

Next BuildVu release: 14th July 2020


[HTML-3380] - Remove 4x text zoom in HTML conversion
This change replaces a technique we were using to increase display accuracy of HTML text.

It is not possible to write out text at the correct size (e.g. 12.25px) as Safari does not support fractional font sizes which are required to display text at the correct size to match the PDF file.

The old method wrote out text larger than needed, and scaled it back to the correct size using a CSS transform which provided sub-pixel accuracy.
The new method rounds font sizes to whole numbers and accounts for the now inaccurate line lengths using letter-spacing.

The new technique works really well with changes being limited to differences in rounding.

There is a marginal increase in file sizes as a result of this change, however it does also fix an issue where copying/pasting text into a rich text editor such as Word would copy text 4x larger than expected.

[HTML-3243] - Improve Courier/Monospace fallback fonts appearance
Non-embedded Courier/Monospace fonts now match the appearance of the PDF more closely

[HTML-3379] - Text can use scale transform rather than more complex matrix transform
Improves an edge case where some text used a matrix transform when it could use a simpler scale transform instead.

[HTML-3381] - Minor file size improvements in HTML output
Minor improvements to HTML file size by shortening CSS colors, removing CSS browser prefixes where no longer required and removing unnecessary whitespace in the CSS.

[HTML-3375] - Provide access to all PDF metadata
Updates the properties.json/config.js file to include all metadata provided in the PDF.

[HTML-3376] - New Metadata JSON API Article
New help center article outlining the available metadata.

[CORE-3582] - Scale down very large BBox values when rasterizing mask image to avoid memory issues in decoding
Reduces memory usage in some files

[CORE-3586] - Change way very thin lines are handled to improve rendering
Enhances the appearance of very thin lines

[CORE-3566] - Tidied up code to validate /Length value on streams
Refactored code to simplify and improve maintainability

[CORE-3571] - Rewrite code to correctly use BBox and Matrix in all cases for rasterizing form content
Refactored code to simplify, improve maintainability & fix edge cases

[CORE-3569] - Rewrite XForm clipping code and fix corner cases
Refactored code to simplify, improve maintainability & fix edge cases


[HTML-3371] - Writing out font data throws exception
Fixes font file failing to generate

[CORE-3570] - BBox not correctly applied to Annotations AP data
Fixes handwritten notes appearing in wrong place

[CORE-3578] - Text not displayed if unbalanced BDC/EMC tags in stream data

[CORE-3583] - /N Dictionary Key not correctly handled in PageObject
Fixes PDF file failing to convert

[CORE-3599] - PDF file failed to open if ‘[’ character in /O or /U keys
Fixes PDF file failing to convert

[CORE-3606] - PDF not correctly displayed due to incorrect handling of complex escape sequence in text stream
Fixes file showing incorrect characters and missing line breaks

[CORE-3581] - Object Ref not correctly handled if used CR as a delimiter
Fixes GoTo annotation missing target page

[CORE-3598] - /D value not correctly read in customer PDF file
Fixes annotation missing GoTo action