2020.08 Release Notes

Release date: 25th August 2020

Next BuildVu release: 6th October 2020


[HTML-3396] - Remove fully transparent images
Prevents the output of fully transparent images which do not affect the appearance of the document. This most commonly affects files with forms.

[CORE-3672] - Refactor PdfFontFactory::createFont
Minor refactor to the method to improve maintainability

[CORE-3670] - Test products against Java 15
No issues found


[HTML-3393] - Missing image caused by integer overflow in the clip shape

[HTML-3398] - Zoom buttons behaviour is opposite than expected in Simple UI

[HTML-3399] - Reference to URL not correct
HTTP protocol is now added if missing when auto-detecting hyperlinks in text

[CORE-3647] - Parser becomes stuck in continuous loop if Dictionary key tries to read itself into sub-object

[CORE-3648] - 4 bit Smask not correctly handled if indexed colorspace
Fixed image displaying incorrectly

[CORE-3650] - 1 pixel height tiled images are not displayed in customer file

[CORE-3657] - ID image data starting with LF character has first byte skipped
Fixed image decoding issue which also prevented the rest of page being decoded

[CORE-3663] - ToUnicode CMap misread when an empty bfrange is used
Fixes incorrect text extraction values in a customer file

[CORE-3671] - PDF file fails to open due to garbage at the start of the file