2020.10 Release Notes

Release date: 6th October 2020

Next BuildVu release: 17th November 2020


[HTML-3395] - Implement blend modes for shapes in SVG text modes
Implemented feature not commonly used in PDF files

[HTML-3410] - Remove extraneous space from doctype tag
Reduces file size by 1 byte (every little helps)

[HTML-3113] - Workaround for Chromium bug where SVG text containing combining characters has incorrect appearance if kerning (dx) or letter-spacing is used
Improves the appearance of SVG text containing combining characters in Chrome

[HTML-2988] - Improve grouping of text blocks containing NON_SPACING_MARK characters
Enhanced text grouping code to better recognise NON_SPACING_MARK characters and split less often

[HTML-3314] - Add SVG support to BuildVuConverter in the combined BuildVu release
Adds support for SVG conversions when using buildvu-microservice-example with the combined jar

[HTML-3397] - Add support for concurrent LibreOffice conversions to
DocumentToPDFConverter now allows concurrent conversions by specifying a unique LibreOffice profile directory for each conversion

[HTML-3402] - Refactor product-specific code out of shared modules
Internal refactor to improve maintainability that does not affect public API

[HTML-3409] - Remap fake Nonspacing Mark characters that have a width
Helps prevent overlapping characters in files with broken extraction values

[HTML-3413] - Experimental Text Mode
Added experimental text mode which fixes layering of HTML text that should be hidden whilst also maintaining similar file size and rendering performance characteristics. More information coming soon.


[HTML-3414] - SVG text kerning is broken in Chrome 85
Reported bug to the Chromium bug tracker. The issue has been fixed but will not be available until Chrome 87

[HTML-3322] - Intermittent failure to render SVG pages in Safari when using the IDRViewer
Added workaround and reported bug to Safari (WebKit)

[HTML-3401] - Incorrect tab width used when font is not embedded
Fixed text spacing in a customer file

[HTML-3404] - Overlapping text is not aligning perfectly
Reduced tolerance in text grouping code to split for better accuracy

[CORE-3644] - Blend Mode is not applied in some cases
Fixed blend mode not being restored from GraphicsState stack

[CORE-3679] - Missing text caused by faulty numeric value in CM command

[CORE-3682] - Box appearing in Converted Document
Fixed image decoding issue which caused incorrect image appearance

[CORE-3685] - T* behaviour causes incorrect text coordinates
Fixed text layout issue that caused incorrectly position in some files

[CORE-3689] - JPEG2000 validation failing when valid jpx/jpxb brands used
Fixed decoding of JPEG2000 image in a customer file

[CORE-3690] - AES encrypted file with an empty password fails to open

Recent bugs reported to browser manufacturers: